All Cleaning and Waste Disposal

Southern Cross Boat Works provides clients with non-hazardous liquid waste pumping services. We have the resources to correctly and effectively dispose of any of your on-board liquid waste. 

Waste Pick Up & Disposal includes:

  • All Bilges Pressure Wash Cleaning & Coating and Engine Room Detailing.
  • All Tanks (Black, Gray, Oil & Diesel Fuel Tanks Pressure Wash Cleaning & Gas Free (for Marine Chemist Inspection & Certificate) and Remediation.
  • Fresh Water (Potable) Tanks Pressure Wash, Hand Scrubbing Cleaning, Sanitizing and Remediation.
  • Waste Pick Up & Disposal (Sewage, Gray Water, Engine & Hydraulic Oil, Coolant & Diesel).
  • Spot Grinding & Touch Up Paint for all Tanks, Hull & Areas.
With our expertise you will be sure to get the best solution at the best price possible!
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